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Take control of your organisations data and processes by implementing a custom solution that reflects what you do and how you do it.

By helping streamline your processes, decrease friction and increase flow, Bitgen will help you maximise the benefits delivered by a new system. Bitgen solutions are designed for flexibility so they can easily be adapted to suit future change.

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Avoid the delays, limitations and dubious overheads normally associated with software delivery, by dealing with someone who knows what their doing and how to get it done. Get in touch for a no nonsense approach.

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New Website for Bitgen

So, this is it... The new mobile friendly, responsive face of Bitgen. Fast, light-weight and to the point. No annoying animations, advertisements or data sharing.

Read articles, based on almost 20 years experience, about delivering custom software solutions, process improvements and mostly, how to get from A to B in the most direct way possible. Explore solutions already delivered by Bitgen or, for existing customers, login to the customer support forums.

Event Management for Welsh Cycling

April saw Welsh Cycling go live with an Event Management application developed by Bitgen Software. Manual effort has been reduced by around 90% and an otherwise complex process tamed to the point that almost no training or specialist knowledge is required.

From generating targeted volunteer requests, insurance documents and permits, to managing equipment bookings, collating and distributing risk documentation and mailing volunteer assignments, Event Manager does it all. More...


Delivering Solutions in Large Organisations - Getting it Right

For any large organisation, the ability to deliver both new solutions and process improvements is crucial. Costs can run into millions, even hundreds of millions and the consequences of failure can be catastrophic. However, many of the costs and delays can easily be avoided. Click here to find out more...

Maximising the Benefits of Process Improvement Initiatives

Process improvement initiatives often miss the point. Focussing on small areas without considering the impact on others can be counter-productive at best. Many of the obstacles are self inflicted and easily removed.

This article discusses some of the considerations that are often missed, yet deliver the most. More...