Software Development and Process Improvement

Consulting and delivering custom software solutions and process improvements for over 20 years. Experienced everywhere from banking to engineering, sport to healthcare.

With a strong passion for high performance, efficient and rigorous solution development I can help you maximise the benefits, quality and savings made by your business systems investment.

From requirements gathering, through design, build and testing... No fuss deliverable-centric application development.

~ Mark Hayes, Developer

Industries Served

  • Engineering
  • Banking and Finance
  • Energy Trading
  • Education
  • Transport
  • Telecommunications
  • Instrument Building
  • Sport
  • Healthcare


  • Database Solutions: Data migrations, ETL processing, data applications, validations and controls, workflow management and distributed processing.
  • Spreadsheet Solutions: Automated spreadsheet generation, data extraction and collation, modelling and validation, process automation.
  • Mailbox Solutions: Document distribution and collection, automated document validation, self monitoring, task distribution and tracking.
  • Process Controls: Workflow management, user defined checks and validations, exception reporting and dashboards, fraud prevention.
  • Reporting Tools: Statutory and regulatory, management and financial, quality and progress.
  • Process Automation: Document production and distribution, process improvement, data cleansing and validation.
  • Project Management Tools: Resource management, cost controls, communications and tracking, scheduling.
  • Risk and Hazard Management: Competence controls, incident reporting and management, Hazan, Hazop and HI&RA.

Case Studies

  • Event Management for Welsh Cycling: Manual effort reduced by 90%, more...
  • Automated Spreadsheet Validation Mailboxes: Completely automated reducing turnaround times from weeks to seconds, more...
  • Automated Distributed Document Production: Processing time reduced from hours to minutes, more...
  • Validating Spreadsheet Models against EBA Taxonomies: Test cycles reduced from weeks to minutes, more...