Example Projects Delivered by Bitgen

A few examples of applications already delivered. In almost all cases I was solely responsible for gathering and refining requirements, designing, building, testing and delivering the final product.

Event Management Application (Welsh Cycling)

A comprehensive event management system that can be operated with minimal training, validates, schedules and tracks the entire process and, most importantly, frees users to get more involved in the competitions. Features include:

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Manual effort reduced by 90% - Automated volunteer recruitment and document generation - Automated process control

Agency Journals Tool (Banking)

Used to manage the process of posting SAP journals on behalf of third parties as per current Group Minimum Standards issued by Risk. Journals are submitted via email, with an authorisation chain, scraped from the mailbox, validated and consolidated into larger journals for faster processing.

Additionally, for fraud prevention, checksums/hash values are generated to ensure nothing has been altered since the journal was authorised and validated by the SAP Validation Tool (above), and separately to ensure duplicated journals are highlighted.

Reduced manual effort by more than 70% - Automated rejection - Instant validation

Global Help Desk Application (Banking)

Used to manage help desk enquiries as per SLA’s, process enquiry forms, produce automated email responses, scrape support requests from the group mailbox, track recurrent issues and produce performance reports etc.

This was a rewrite of an existing application and migration to a SQL Server backend.

Massive performance increase - Reduced manual effort by automating various tasks

Geographical Analysis Tool (Research)

Used for collecting and analysing any kind of data in relation to location. Includes functionality for tracking between key location points, location tagged photos, custom data types for location tags, export functionality.

User customisable - Mobile

PPI Refund Automation (Banking)

This application automated production of PPI refund calculations (approximately ten thousand/week) based on numerous data sources. Managed the end-to-end process, validated and cleansed data, automated SSIS tasks, produced QC sheets and reconciliation documents, BACS transfers, cheque runs, document management and XML output for client systems.

Distributed processing, and shifting the model processing code to the spreadsheets themselves, allowed batches to be run on multiple computers reducing batch production times from hours to minutes.

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Reduced batch times from over ten hours to minutes

SAP Journal Validation Mailbox (Banking)

A globally available automated mailbox application that validates SAP journals against over two hundred business rules and reference sets.

SAP doesn't provide useful user feedback when a journal fails to post. Before this application, users would contact support and have the journal manually checked for errors if it didn't load. This application entirely automates the validation process.

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Instant response - Total clarity - Manual Effort Removed!

Hazard Management Application (Engineering)

For HAZOP, HI&RA, Risk Reduction, Risk Analysis, HAZAN, systems management, system verification etc. with reporting tools for risk profiling and analysis.

This system provides functionality for managing the whole safety review and documentation process in construction of a high risk process plant. Hazards and reductions are analysed and mapped against a five dimensional non-linear risk matrix with live graphical feedback showing initial and mitigated risk against target risk etc.

Also includes functionality for linking hazards to the projects WBS and contract number structure in order to track the implementation of hazard reductions during the various phases of commissioning.

Massive cost reduction

Radiological Inventory Management System (Engineering)

Provided functionality for controlling the movement of radioactive materials within various safety and regulatory constraints. Also provided tools for calculating half-life and activity levels etc. This system uses a graphical interface based on the plant layout, designed to be easily used by operators wearing safety equipment.

Easy to use - High inventory visibility and controls

RAF Validation Tool (Banking)

Automated mailbox application used to provide validation reports against financial restatement spreadsheets. Includes functionality for user defined validations, file handling, authorisation controls and process tracking etc.

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Reduced turnaround times from weeks to seconds

SRF Validation Tool (Banking)

Automated mailbox application used to validate structure change request forms (as in legal entity structures and business reporting units). Additionally, for valid requests, includes a full impact analysis on the group.

Read more about validation mailboxes...

Reduced turnaround times from weeks to seconds

Commercial Charge Card Processing (Banking)

Processes multi-currency transactional data for corporate charge cards. Calculates interest and currency translations for the production of SAP journals and Bank of England reporting.

Fully automated journal and report production - Validation and process management

Apple Pay (Banking - Temporary Solution)

Imports transactional data and produces billing sheets and various reports relating to vendor performance (mercantile rankings etc.).

Fast delivery while IT worked on a permanent solution - Automated reporting etc.

EBA Financial Reporting Model Validation Tool (Banking)

Used to validate spreadsheet models against current taxonomies etc. issued by the European Banking Authority. This is a design control system that validates Excel equations across multiple files etc., against regulatory requirements. It also analyses templates from the EBA and produces data mapping error and gap analysis reports.

Tens of thousands of formulae validated across more than twenty MS Excel workbooks analysed and reported on in less than a minute. Captured approximately three thousand errors in the first run.


Removed requirement for manual testing

Capacity Planning and Tracking Tool (Banking)

This is basically a time-sheet application that integrates with MS Project. Used for time tracking, resource management and project management. Produces reports identifying resource availability, stretch etc., and to import MS Project files, consolidate them and cross reference them against resource availability.

Easy to use - Limits users to only valid deliverables - Consolidates MS Project files for cross-referencing

Mobile Phone Billing System (Telecommunications)

Simple billing system that imports billing data from various providers, applies margin percentages and overheads etc. and outputs customer bills.

Reduced manual effort by 90%

Data Remediation Tools for Basel II - Various (Banking)

These tools include functionality for validating and recording client and facility details (i.e. loans/products). Specifically relating to large multi-member relationships, the systems provide a generic approach to the validation of documentation, financial exposure and terms and conditions based on entity and facility types. Systems are fully audited, include bespoke and custom reporting functions for RAG analysis, performance tracking and workflow control.

Increased data quality - Decreased manual effort

Control Sheet Attestations Application (Banking)

Application used to manage internal data control standards and their related quarterly attestations. Functionality allows for the generation of attestation packs (including embedded control sheets and process flow diagrams etc.), submission and approval processes (via email), workflow tracking, data validation, auditing and reference data management.

Increased data quality - Decreased manual effort

Project Status Reporting Tool (Banking)

This application scrapes weekly data from consolidated MS Project plans and merges it into a central database. Provides simple project tracking of milestone and cross project dependencies via a custom build GANT chart in MS Excel. The system highlights all slippage and incomplete or out of date task information providing a customisable high level view across multiple work streams.

Reduced manual effort by over 90%

Company Financials Tool (Banking)

System for maintaining client company financials (either created from scratch or imported from Equifax data). This application applies various ratios (liquidity etc.) to the financials as a tool for assessing risk in lending.

Centralised, fast access to company financials - Reduced manual effort by 90%

Account Indexing Tool (Banking)

System used to maintain and generate “private” account numbers relating to large highly confidential customer accounts. Effectively an access control point that required input from both user and customer to access functionality.

Completely locked down highly confidential data

Card and Loan Reconciliation Management and Reporting System (Banking)

Provides functionality for generating reconciliation templates in Excel, importing populated reconciliation files and automated quality controls (e.g. details checked against specific escalation periods and constraints). System provides for management of reconciliation definitions etc., ownership, generation of daily work sheets, file and folder management, bulk loading of opening balances and high-level management reporting.

Workflow management - Increased efficiency and data integrity - Reduced manual effort

Consumer Debt Recovery System (Banking)

For processing cheque payments from collection agencies, posting to individual accounts and generating BACS upload files etc.

Reduced manual effort by 70% - Centralised process previously managed across two sites reducing headcount by half

Mortgage Data Reporting Tool (Banking)

Imports database and spreadsheet data from various sources in the group and generates XML upload files for Bank of England reporting.

Increased accuracy - Reduced manual effort

Dormant Accounts Management System (Banking)

For managing dormant accounts in respect to customer repayments, interest and tax calculations, transfers to the Central Reserve Fund and general reporting and tracking.

Increase accuracy - Reduced manual effort

Credit Card Refund System (Banking)

For handling customer refunds on credit cards. This system bolts onto the new credit card system (IBM main-frame First Data application) scraping and manipulating data in order to automate various labour intensive processes to improve operator performance and data quality.

Improved data quality - Manual effort reduced by 70% - Turnaround times reduced

Role Mapping Database (Banking)

For identifying conflicts of interest in relation to job and role definitions.

Increased visibility - Manual effort reduced

Call Logging and Tracking System (Banking)

Essentially a help desk application for recording, tracking and reporting on the handling internal enquiries relating to internal cross-billing.

Simple issue tracking - Reduced manual effort

Cost Control Application (Engineering)

For deliverable and WBS maintenance, forecasting, estimating and reporting, tracking costs from request to purchase order to invoice (with all elements of cost being directly linked to specific deliverables). Linked to MS Project and the teams time-sheet application in order to control the allocation of human resources to specific deliverables etc.

Provides financial reporting functionality for the entire project, alerts (for such things as overbooked deliverables, budget shortfalls etc.), upload sheets for appropriate employment agencies, phase data controls and more.

Increase data integrity - Reduced manual effort - Increase visibility of resource allocation and usage

Competence Management Application (Engineering)

Provides functionality for managing and tracking the competence (training, experience, qualifications etc.) of operators within a radiological process plant as per the current EHS guidelines.

Increased competence controls - Reduced manual effort

Quality Control System (Healthcare / Laboratory)

Tool for tracking product quality in laboratory manufacturing (repeat rates, failures etc.), introduced as part of a Lean Six Sigma initiative.

Increased ability to identify cause of failures - Reduced manual effort

Radiological Emissions Control System (Engineering)

Health and safety system for analysing activity levels and recording, controlling and analysing emissions of various isotopes. Provides analysis tools for sample certainty, application and maintenance of regulatory and internal constraints relating to environmental controls etc.

Reduced manual effort - Increased control

Time-sheet Application (Engineering)

Time being booked to deliverables maintained in the cost control application above. This application uses constraints based on user disciplines and responsibilities to ensure time can only be booked against appropriate WBS element and deliverables as per current phase in project etc. Also used to upload contractor billing information to various employment agencies.

Increased visibility of deliverable costs - increased control over resource burn - Decreased manual effort

Trend Analysis Tool (Engineering)

This system imports output from various instruments within a process plant and provides user with ability to plot any selection of inputs across specific time periods etc. Also, normalises data extremities so multiple sets can be compared on the same charts.

Reduced manual effort by 70%

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